Jacksonville’s Backyard BBQ Championships

One of my favorite local Jacksonville events is coming up, the Jacksonville Backyard BBQ Championships! Read the rest

Labs & Lobsters

Two of the most enduring symbols of Maine, and even coastal New England, that typically come to mind from anyone who has traveled to the upper northern corner of our county are the lobsterman arriving at the dock, his boat loaded with the fruits of that day’s labor, and the tourists eagerly awaiting the delights of his catch – the delectable crustacean Homerus americanus: Lobster! Read the rest

New Beginnings

I’ve been thinking a lot about my 2006 holiday letter that I sent out to family and friends. I was starting a new job with a new company and was at that time being asked repeatedly “…what’s your plan for the future…where will you be in five years…where are you going with your life?” Read the rest