Emily & Chris – Treasury on the Plaza

I loved working with Emily from the start. The couple was planning a full destination wedding as they lived in Stewart, Florida and had guests coming from all over the country. It was my first wedding at Treasury on the Plaza since they opened and it did not disappoint. The space was absolutely gorgeous. Coupled with their incredibly touching and special ceremony at Trinity Episcopal Parish and their guests were swooning. It was also my first time working with the Headliners Band and they absolutely killed it out there. We practically had to drag people off the dance floor at the end of the evening.

A special thanks to Jen Mosely– always a pleasure to work with her and see her jaw dropping photos.

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Planner – Cate Bates Events & Design

Venue – Treasury on the Plaza

Photographer – Jen Mosely

Catering – Casa Monica

Florals – Conservatorie

Entertainment – The Headliners Band

Cake – Publix & Sweet Weddings

Hair & Makeup – Paulina Perez